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If you have the space to allow for growth, hedges are an attractive alterntive to fences for borders. They can often provide a colourful backdrop with the change of the seasons with the seasons – producing flowers in spring and berries in the winter. Using the right hedging plants for your location and soil is essential for a full, healthy and sustainable hedge. We can advise you on the best plants to use, we can source these for you and plant them at the correct depth and spacing, eliminating die off and the resulting gaps.


You can use any shrub to create a hedge, as long as you plant enough of them along your boundary. Add height and visual interest to your hedge planting with specimen or semi-mature trees at set intervals or to frame a particular view or focal point.


Hedges may well require more maintenance than fences. Evergreen hedges generally grow faster than deciduous so they will need trimming at least once a year – preferably twice.

If you already have a hedge in place, we can advise you on the correct way to trim or prune this to ensure it remains healthy and looks good for years to come.